Drive-in Pub Quiz

If you are not looking for just any pub quiz, but want a quiz show that entertains and captivates participants for 2 hours while participating, this is the quiz you want!

A drive-in pub quiz at your desired location for your company parties, team events or family gatherings? is the one-stop-shop! We show up our own gear, so your preparation is minimal. By default, the quizmaster brings pre-installed tablets, a quiz laptop, wireless router, mixer, wireless microphone and a set of speakers. In addition, it is possible to connect external screens through an HDMI or VGA cable. The mixer can be connected to existing soundsystems using XLR or RCA plugs for larger groups (over 100 to 200 participants)

For an additional charge an optional projector and screen (>2 meters wide) are provided. Request a quote for the fee.

See Quizzing in action! provides quizzes throughout the Netherlands

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