A quiz for all your events

Quizzing offers quizzes for all types of your events: company parties, company events, but also department events and team events. We do this at a location of your choice.

Quizzing has revolutionized the way quizzes are being played since 2017! Following the question being asked by the quiz host, every team gets 10 seconds to answer the question. The correct answer will be announced immediately after the timer expires. Teams receive points not only for a correct answer, but also bonus points can be awarded for having hte fastest finger. All this supported by visual and audio effects. The current score board is visible on the playing devices and can optionally also be projected. Another availavle option is a buzz-in round. The tablet or phone turns into a buzzer and the team pressing fastest has to give an answer. This round is especially suitable for groups of up to 50 people.

A unique event with relevant questions

Not only unique in the Netherlands because in 2017 Quizzing.nl was the only supplier (and now one of the very few to offer this game format), but also because Quizzing.nl self-produces the Dutch questions. However we also offer English quizzes, with English questions. Every time we join your event you will get a new set of over 60 questions.

The quiz is played in teams ranging from two to about six people. By default, the Dutch quiz has four rounds of fifteen questions each and the English version has three rounds of 20 questions. Some questions are provided with a picture or sound fragment, pictures are sent to the tablets and can also be viewed on (optional) screens. The subjects are diverse: history, geography, sports, biology, politics, music, film, mathematics, in other words everyone can play and no-one knows it all...