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Welcome to Quizzing.nl! For the most interactive event we prefer to host a drive-in Pub Quiz at your choosen location, but we are also available to join you and your party virtually using an live presented online Pub Quiz. Why you should choose for Quizzing.nl for your event?

  • Experienced professional host
  • Exciting interactive events from approximately 15 to 2500 participants (or up to 100 online teams)
  • Affordable premium quizzes - at your location from 475 EUR excl VAT
  • Fast-paced, interactive and very entertaining
  • No pens, no paper and virtually impossible to cheat
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What is a Pub Quiz?

The pub quiz phenomenon has come over from the Anglo-Saxon countries and is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. And with a reason: what could be more fun and exciting than playing a quiz with friends, family or colleagues while enjoying a snack and a drink (or two)? And to make it even better, why don't we toss the old-fashioned pen and paper quiz in the recycle bin?

A Pub Quiz using a mobile device

From 2017 onwards Quizzing has revolutionized the way a (Pub) Quiz is being played! After the question has been asked by the quiz host, you will get 10 seconds to answer on your device and the correct answer will be announced immediately after the timer runs out. You don't only score points for the coorect answer, but bonus points can be awared for the fasted finger. The whole quiz is supported by visual and audio effects. The current standings are shown on the phone / tablet and also on optional screens, so are always in the know of where you stand compared to the other teams. Also innovative is the possibility of a buzz-in round. Your tablet or phone turns into a push button, where the quickest presser has to give the answer. More explanation about this revolutionary quiz? Check out game explanation

A unique quiz experience

Not only unique in the Netherlands because in 2017 Quizzing.nl was the only supplier (and now one of the very few to offer this game format), but also because Quizzing.nl self-produces the Dutch questions. However we also offer English quizzes, with English questions.

The quiz is played in teams ranging from two to about six people. By default, the Dutch quiz has four rounds of fifteen questions each and the English version has three rounds of 20 questions. Some questions are provided with a picture or sound fragment, pictures are sent to the tablets and can also be viewed on (optional) screens. The subjects are diverse: history, geography, sports, biology, politics, music, film, mathematics, in other words everyone can play and no-one knows it all...

Quizzing.nl provides quizzes throughout the Netherlands

Wij komen onder anderen in: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Tilburg, Groningen, Almere, Breda, Nijmegen, Enschede, Apeldoorn, Haarlem, Amersfoort, Zaanstad, Arnhem, Haarlemmermeer, Den Bosch, Zoetermeer, Zwolle en Maastricht, maar dit is slechts een selectie.